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i personally like to take this as john code for “stop being so attractive”

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me when someone tries to explain math

that comment is so accurate it hurts


yup…math comes hard for me. and this is how I am lol

Such a gorgeous sexy man, I’m so addicted

I just love it. End of story.

Look at this fucking naked Barbie lovin cat! legit

Look at this fucking naked Barbie lovin cat! legit


Dan and Phil together at the youtuber Halloween gathering in London 2009.

Fun facts:

This was during/shortly after the week when Dan first stayed over at Phil’s house. Also the week when they filmed their first videos toghether. (I base this off of their videos’ dates and locations)
And yes, that is Dan holding Phils waist!

I made this because alot of people does not seem to have seen this and I think it’s too cute to be ignored.

Source: The videos from this gathering are for anyone to see on youtube, go check them out! :)